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The new Instagram algorithm measure not only the quantity, but the quality of the likes and comments you receive. Engagement from users with a high following will tell Instagram that you post quality content.

Surge likes for Instagram help boost you to the top of the feed, utilizing our network of high authority users, who have opted in to liking your content.

Try Surge Likes & we will help you hit the Explore page and improve your IG page rank.

HOW IT WORKS: Our Instagram Power (Surge) Likes use accounts from users with high following - this tells the Instagram algorithm that you are posting quality content. We can help you build your engagement, page rank and hit the explore page.

HOW TO ORDER : We will send power likes to your most recent post. If you want a specific post, add the url at cart checkout. Order multiple times for multiple posts.


Email us at for FREE demo.

Our High-Quality Instagram power likes are of best quality available. We offer different types of likes and can customize to your needs. We will help you boost your engagement & page rank.

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